THE LIST – 2016

This list will continue to develop throughout this year. Trying to find the perfect 100 things is very time consuming and harder than you would think!

  1. Delete all social media apps from your phone for an entire year (Jan 5, 2016-Jan 5, 2017)
  2. Find a hobby, get good at it and stick to it
  3. Read 10 books throughout the year
  4. Perform many random acts of kindness
  5. Pull an all nighter with my favorite people watching our favorite movies
  6. Take a random road trip
  7. Document every event from this list that can be documented
  8. Start a journal
  9. Take an entire week off from work, just because, and treat yourself to a week full of things just for you
  10. Get in the best shape of your life
  11. Get a new apartment or rent a house
  12. Find a place to volunteer
  13. Spend part of your summer working at a camp, or multiple camps
  14. Turn 21 and have a blast with your friends and family
  15. Stop caring about what other people think so much
  16. Write from the heart letters to “your people”
  17. Keep a notepad to document all the great things you see the Lord doing in your life (big or small)
  18. Spend more days at the beach since it’s only an hour away from where you live
  19. Go to Disney!
  20. See a theatrical production somewhere besides Laidlaw
  21. Run for College of Education SGA member
  22. Join the Therapeutic Recreation Club on campus
  23. Have a slumber party with Kaylyn, its well over due
  24. Do not chop your hair off, only healthy trims all year
  25. Attempt to dye your hair a violet color
  26. Make a new friend
  27. Be more involved in your church
  28. Have a legit photoshoot with your best friends
  29. Be a SouthBound Orientation Leader
  30. Make this your best year of college yet
  31. Save as much money as possible
  32. Try things outside of your comfort zone
  33. Blog once a week, about your progress on the list or just about life in general at the time
  34. Go Skydiving (mom, you’re turning 40 this year!! We’ve talked about doing this at 40 for as long as I can remember)
  35. Have a picnic
  36. Go to the spa
  37. Go to as many home South sporting events as possible
  38. Ride the JagTran
  39. Dance in the rain (living in Mobile, this should be an easy one)
  40. Watch your dad and Marissa get married
  41. Wear red lipstickĀ 
  42. Go to at least one Yoga class just to try it out
  43. Go home every chance you get
  44. Go to the flea market
  45. Go to Six Flags
  46. Attend a concert
  47. Go to the movies often with friends
  48. Ride a train
  49. Live with an international student
  50. Try international foods
  51. Paint a picture
  52. Kick butt in your classes this year
  53. Get involved with a “college group”
  54. Get more organized
  55. Be crafty
  56. Travel as much as possible
  57. Take a plane somewhere instead of driving
  58. Eat a whole carton of Ice Cream
  59. Actually talk to people in your classes
  60. Pray daily
  61. Take the first steps to learning Spanish so you can have real conversations with your Dominican friends next time you see them
  62. Go to Mardi Gras parades
  63. Find a new Netflix series to watch
  64. See Florida Georgia Line at the Wharf
  65. Get more involved on Campus
  66. See the Mobile Symphony
  67. Read the entire bible in a year
  68. Learn new recipes
  69. Cook at home more than you eat out
  70. Go rock climbing
  71. Go to a Casino–win money, don’t lose it
  72. Be in two places at once
  73. Go to Breakout Birmingham or Mobile
  74. Get up at 5am everyday for a week
  75. Bake something to give to your friends
  76. Swing Dance
  77. Go backpacking
  78. Go to Get Air Mobile with your friends
  79. Go skating
  80. Go to a Therapeutic Recreation conference
  81. Ride a motor cycle
  82. See Winter, the dolphin
  83. See Beyonce in concert
  84. Spend a weekend in NOLA
  85. Go bowling
  86. Go a full week without any social media
  87. Secure an internship
  88. Get your picture taken with santa

89-99 Will be left to fill in throughout the year!

100. Get my groove back