Turning 21, Disney, Winter and Red Lipstick

This past Saturday was my 21st birthday! #14 on the list is to turn 21 and have a blast with my friends and family, well that is exactly what I did. For my birthday I decided to take a trip to see my mom in Sarasota, FL with two of my favorite people! Myself, Lindsey, and Hannah took on this adventure together. We definitely had a blast on this trip. The day after we arrived we all got our nails done and literally shopped till we dropped. I don’t think I have ever shopped that much in one day. The next day we went to see Winter, the Dolphin Tale dolphin (#82). This was such an awesome experience. Clear Water Marina functions as a rehab center for injured animals. They had turtles, dolphins, sea otters, and more! After leaving the Marina we headed over to Orlando to take on Downtown Disney for the afternoon. (visiting Disney is #19). While at Downtown Disney we did MORE SHOPPING. We visited the Harley Davidson store, the Coca-Cola store, Lily Pulitzer, Very Bradley, Columbia, and multiple Disney themed stores of course. We even made friends with a random Disney police officer, his name is Aaron and he is from Ohio. To end the night at Disney we ate at the Rain Forest Cafe, which was awesome! For July 4th we briefly went to a Festival in Palmetto (we expected too much out of the festival, but we did enjoy a couple of songs preformed by Smash Mouth) and we landed at Anna Maria Island for a fire work show that night. We were all decked out in either red, white and blue or something America themed with matching bows and I wore some red lipstick (#41), because well why not?

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend: