BEYONCE, Theater performances, Six Flags

It’s been a long while since I updated the world on my progress with “the list”. I have quite a few checked off, so I will have to make two separate post to catch everyone up.

Lets start with Beyoncé, OMG, she is amazing and that is all that needs to be said. But really, fan-freaking-tastic! The woman has to be in impeccable shape because she literally sang and danced hard-core for TWO HOURS STRAIGHT! She rocked my little concert junkie world. I sat in awe the entire time she performed. Oh, and those back up dancers, they were great too. Her fans are like no other that I have seen before, and I have been to a lot of concerts. #FLAWLESS


Way back in the summer, July I think, I was able to see Beauty and the Beast at the Shakespeare Festival with the awesome women in my family. Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorite Disney Movies, but seeing in live was so incredible. I was so ¬†mad the morning of the show because I had to work…little did I know there was only 1 patient scheduled that day, so I saw my 1 patient and then drove to Montgomery as fast as I could.


I also was able to see Sweeny Todd just a couple of weeks ago, which was awesome too! Living across the street from a Playhouse definitely has its perks, there will be plenty more plays to be watched for the rest of my time living in Mobile.

SIX FLAGS! Six Flags taught me one thing, I cannot hang like I could a couple of yeas ago. My trip to Six Flags was with my Aunt, Uncle, little cousin and her friend…Madison and Brooklyn wore me slap out, but man what a fun day! I believe that is the first time I have ever gone to Six Flags and been completely okay with not riding every single ride at least once, HA! Below is a picture of the start of the day.

And here is what we looked like at the end of the day.


Stay tuned, part 2 will be posted in the next few days!