Concerts, motorcycles, bowling

It has been a while since I have updated the world on my progress with “the list”. Life has been crazy hectic with finishing my junior year of college while working full-time. Summer has full of work so far, but the fun stuff is coming up next month.

85. Go bowling: So my friends Lindsey and Andrew are really good at getting me to go out and have fun with them when all I really want to do is go home to sleep. One of those fun nights lead to a bowling night. It was a blast and my arm was so sore the next day lol! I had forgotten how fun bowling was. Thanks Lindsey and Andrew for making me have fun, HA!13267997_10206479017546715_8204175487302131517_o

81. Ride a motorcycle: My 19-year-old brother recently discovered his love for motorcycles, so he bought himself a motorcycle. This makes me so incredibly nervous because people don’t watch for motorcycles as they should. I also pray Alec does not turn into one of those stupid motorcycle drivers the slides in and out between cars. Anyway, I talked him into taking his sister on a joy ride. He was a pretty safe driver with me on the back. It was a huge adrenaline rush, but I’ll stick to driving my Altima. 13268363_2058162007743215_8506536491902133329_o

64. See Florida Georgia Line: My friend Ashley and I decided it would be a great idea to see Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindell and Kane Brown on 5/13/16…we were right! Those guys sure know how to put on a good show! We had a blast hanging out with them and bumping into Andrew and Lindsey!

46. Go to a concert: Andrew, Lindsey and I went to see Keith Urban, Brett Eldridge, and Maren Morris on 6/15/16 (we might be turning into concert junkies and I’m getting really good at this 3rd wheel thing, HA). We had a great time. And man, can Keith Urban kill a guitar and banjo! I was very pleased with this show.

That’s all for now! I’ll try not to wait so long to update next time. Stay tune for more adventures on the best year of my life (so far)!


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