This past weekend I volunteered as a camp counselor for Camp ASCAA’s Fun Fish Weekend. ASCCA stands for Alabama Special Camp for Children and Adults. We had campers ranging from teenagers to 50+. I honestly did not at all know what to expect going into this weekend, but I believe this weekend was more than I could have ever imagined it would be!


These are all my new friends that I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with. My life will never be the same because of these people right here. Those campers will tug on your heart without even trying.


Since it was “Fun Fish Weekend,” of course we were fishing basically all weekend. We had one session where we were able to go out on a boat fish and the other sessions we went pond fishing or fished off the dock. My girl Jordan here had an absolute blast out on the boat. She LOVED to “go fast”. Though we didn’t catch any fish while we were out on the boat she still giggled and laughed the whole time. She did manage to catch a few fish when we went pond fishing. Though, she was really more interested in catching boys that she was fish. LOL! We had a rough weekend at times, but we made it and she even told me she MIGHT miss me.


The first night at camp we danced the night away! The Whip and Nae Nae was a big hit with the campers, and let me just tell you, those campers have got some serious moves. Many of them out danced me by a long shot! We had a couple dance battles break out that night as well!


My girl Dani did her best to teach me all of her moves! We danced together a good bit of the night. I wish I had a fraction of the energy this girl has. I also wish I could dance as well as she does!


We made some time for some slow dances too. This kid was one of my buddies throughout the whole weekend, and one of many men who asked for my hand in marriage this weekend.


We had a talent show this weekend as well. As I’m sure you can tell from this picture it was one of the highlights of the weekend. We all sang and danced along with each other. These kids and adults were a whole lot of fun and all had many, many talents!

I left this weekend nearly in tears because I didn’t want to leave. Camp ASCCA will forever hold a special place in my heart! I so wish I could spend my whole summer there with these wonderful people. Telling the campers I would not see them this summer was way harder than I ever imagined it would be, but no worries I’ll be at every weekend event they allow me to be part of ♥


#18, #37, #77

#18: Go to the beach. This past weekend while my mom was in town my brother and his girlfriend, Deanna, decided to road trip to good ole Mobile. While they were here we drove on over to the beach. It was a little chilly, but it was nice to just sit and relax while enjoying their company. My brother even gave us some humor wearing his socks in the water. With summer approaching more beach post will come. Image-1

#37: Go to as many South sporting events as possible. I already wrote about my softball game experience, but since then my friends Andrew, Lindsey and I have also ventured out to a basketball game and baseball game. I have enjoyed cheering on the Jags. Image-1-3

#77: Go backpacking. Wow, what an experience. My friend Jake and I went backpacking with the Outdoor Adventures crew at South, there was about 12ish people total on the trip. We went to Providence Canyon State Park in Georgia. It was such beautiful place. I never imagined I would have had so much fun hiking and camping out in the middle of nowhere, but I loved every minute of it. I would love to do something like this again in the future, but first I must get into better shape because those hills don’t play! Image-1-2