Mardi Gras, Netflix and Letters

#62. Go to Mardi Gras parades. This past week I was able to go to one of the many Mardi Gras parades in Mobile. In Mobile Mardi Gras is HUGE, it is a real holiday here. I have had a hard time getting into the whole Mardi Gras thing since it is not a big deal where I grew up. Schools down here are out for an entire week during the week of Fat Tuesday. On Fat Tuesday USA even is out for a Holiday. Doctors offices shut down for the day of Fat Tuesday. But it turns out I think I might actually like this whole Mardi Gras thing. Parades are fun and maybe even next year I can go to a Ball with some friends. Thanks, Meghan, for talking me into standing out of the side of the road for over an hour with you to catch beads and Moon Pies. FullSizeRender 2

#63. Find a new Netflix series. I have decided to watch Gilmore Girls from the beginning. I always watch the reruns when they come on TV so why not start from the beginning and experience the Gilmore Girls story.

#16. Write from the heart letters to all of your people. This week I sat down for a good little bit to write letters to those people who mean the world to me. I am so thankful to have friends that are like family. Hannah, Kaylyn and Emilee, be on the watch for your letters via snail mail this week!

Also this past weekend I was able to go home. I love being able to spend time with my family. Living 5 hours away from home, that doesn’t happen as often as I would like. I couldn’t make it through life without the constant support and encouragement of my family! Next I just need to make it down to see my mom and step-dad! South Florida watch out because I will be on my way as soon as life lets me get there!


Checking off #2, #12 and #22

#2 on the list is to find a hobby, get good at it and stick to it. A couple months ago I decided to buy a Cricut, but I haven’t really had much time to play with it since buying it until this week. I have enjoyed making t-shirts, cups and car stickers this week! I am still learning the ropes to being crafty enough to use the machine and coming up with ideas of what to put on shirts and such, but I’ll get there eventually. Maybe one day I can even make a small business out of it! IMG_2620

#12 is to find a place to volunteer. I have finally found the perfect volunteer spot! Starting in March I will be working with the Challenger League of Buddy Ball here in Mobile. Buddy Ball is baseball for children with special needs. My part in Buddy Ball will be pairing up with a kid during practices and games helping them run the bases and guiding them in the field. I cannot wait for March to get here so I can begin the journey of Buddy Ball. For those of you who know me well, you know this is right up my alley! Click here to watch a short video on what Buddy Ball is all about!

#22 is to join the Therapeutic Recreation club on campus. This week I paid my dues, added my name to the list and even got a t-shirt! I can’t wait to become more involved with the people on this campus who share the same interests as I do! IMG_2621

Well, that’s all for this week! See you guys next week with some new √s!

More Adventures

A new week means more check marks!

#3 on the list is to read 10 books this year. I have started my first book. I love this book, Choose Joy, so much! I can’t stop turning the pages! 61WKVWWkLRL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_

This week I got the chance to preform one of my many random acts of kindness (#4). Some friends and I went out to eat one day since we had not seen each other in over a month! While we were there a group of about 10 teenagers entered the restaurant. They all sat down not far from us. We noticed out of those 10 people only 2 people actually ordered a meal and the rest just had a cup of water. We immediately felt so bad for their waitress knowing she was probably  not going to get the tip she deserved off a table that big. That table ended up leaving before we did. By this time my friends and I had already decided we were going to slide some cash on the table so that the waitress got the money she deserved. Well we didn’t have a chance to do that before she walked up to clean the table and grab the ticket book. A few minutes later we called the waitress over to our table and gave her the cash we had on us. This girl just about broke down in tears. Her voice cracked as she thanked us repeatedly for “caring so much” about her. You could tell just how thankful she was by the look on her face. Most of us in my friend group have all waited tables before and know the devastation that comes with not making the money you work for. We could not let her just take what she got off that table, probably no more than $2.

#25 is to attempt to dye my hair a violet color. Well guys, we tried! I guess I’ll just have to stick with reddish brownish hair until Spring rolls around and the blonde is back in since my hair is stubborn. I’m actually really sad this violet color didn’t quite turn out like I wanted it to, but oh well! I was shooting for the color in the picture below. It would have been so cool if my hair would have cooperated! FullSizeRender-2

#66 was added to the list when my super awesome friend, Jake, asked me if I wanted to go see the Mobile Symphony with him. I had never been to a symphony before, so I had to add this new adventure to the list. It was definitely a really awesome thing to experience and I would totally go again. It’s so neat how all of those different instruments and sounds can come together to make something so beautiful. I really don’t even know how to explain it other than to say it was awesome and everyone should attend something like this at least once in their lives. I never really saw myself attending a symphony, but I’m so glad I did!FullSizeRender

This weeks list of checks is kind of short, but with school starting back that has been my primary focus. I have been working on #54, which is to get more organized, and #59, which is to actually talk to people in my classes. Hopefully next week will be a more productive week with making more check. Maybe I’ll even find more things to add to the list. If you have any list suggestions feel free to send them my way!

The first few checks

Over these last few days since beginning my list I have made the first few checks. It’s been fun trying to make some checks off my list. Some have been so much fun and others have been hard.

We will start with #1 on the list…deleting all social media apps off my phone. This was and is definitely a hard one, and I can only hope as the year goes by my want for the Facebook app lessens. In the world we live in today we are all glued to our phones ALL THE TIME! I catch myself all the time not paying attention to the world in front of me or even the people talking to me because I am scrolling through my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feed. (I know, HOW RUDE!) I know I am not the only person who does this though, so that does make me feel a little better but not much. Since deleting all those wonderful apps from my phone it has really been an eye opener to me about how much I actually used them. I find myself constantly picking up my phone and instantly clicking the space where my Facebook app was, then remembering, “Oh yeah, I deleted those to enjoy the world around me more.” I honestly did not realize just how much I actually used them. I knew it was a lot, but my mind has been blown realizing how much time I wasted on Facebook! I recently read and shared an article titled, “I Should Be Engaged.”, if you didn’t read it you really should. I almost didn’t read it because of the title, I thought it was going to be an article about some twenty-something year old girl who is ready to be engaged to the man of her dreams. The article is all about being more engaged in this world we live in and seeing all of its beauty. If you are struggling with this constant use of your phone you must read the article. Just click on the article title above.

While on vacation during Christmas Break I received an email letting me know I had a new roommate moving into my student apartment. Priya, my original roommate, and I were both devastated at this email. We were so negative thinking about what this person was going to be like and we just absolutely knew she was going to be like the others…absolutely TERRIBLE! The new roommate is our 4th roommate since living in this complex. I know just how horrible that sounds, trust me, but we don’t budge on how we feel and certainly do NOT tolerate illegal things happening in our apartment. Well, we recently got back from break to meet this new roommate of ours. Turns out she is just fantastic! She is from Kuwait and is in the states for school. She is absolutely everything we wanted in the last 4 people that have come through out unit. We have all become friends over the last few days and it is WONDERFUL! So I made a new friend (#26) and am now living with an international student (#49)! You will hear more about this as I’m sure there will be lots of fun stories that come from living with an international student.

#29 is to be a SouthBound Orientation Leader. This past week I experienced my first orientations on the other side. Man, is there a lot of work put into making orientation day one of the best days for our future Jaguars! Oh, but it is SO much fun and so worth the work put into it!! Getting to spend the entire day welcoming all of these baby jags, giving them tips, teaching them the ins and outs of campus, and of course helping them develop a perfect schedule for their first semester is so fun. Getting up and being on campus before the sun ever rises is oh so hard but like it said, completely worth it!! More will come on this one too over the summer when we have our big orientations.

Stay tuned for more checks to be made over the next week! I’ll try to capture pictures for all of the checks that can be captured! I completely forgot about pictures this week. Also, huge thanks to everyone following and encouraging me on this great adventure!

The Journey Begins

What is “Kelsey’s 100 Things”? This is a list of 100 things for me to do in 2016 to help me love and enjoy every minute of life while experiencing the greatest joy ever! I am still working on, “The List,” but it is coming soon and will be compiled of things I want to do, need to do, and know I will be doing in 2016. I got this great idea from one of my Facebook friends, Mary Beth. This past summer she did #marys100things when she decided she needed her “groove” back. I loved every minute of following her journey this past summer. Mary Beth decided to put a spin on Marys100things and challenge those who wanted to accept the challenge to create their own list for 2016. Check out her site if you are interested https://your100things.wordpress.com I can’t wait to get started checking off my list and have the best year of my life.

Bear with me on this whole blogging thing, it is absolutely new to me. I never thought I would have a blog website in a million years. I will be using this blog to keep everyone updated on how Kelsey’s 100 Things is going and to share my journey with you guys. I will be posting a blog for a majority of Kelsey’s 100 Things as a way to document this experience for myself and anyone who decides to keep up with this crazy journey!

Stay tuned for “The List” and my beginning checks!