The Journey Begins

What is “Kelsey’s 100 Things”? This is a list of 100 things for me to do in 2016 to help me love and enjoy every minute of life while experiencing the greatest joy ever! I am still working on, “The List,” but it is coming soon and will be compiled of things I want to do, need to do, and know I will be doing in 2016. I got this great idea from one of my Facebook friends, Mary Beth. This past summer she did #marys100things when she decided she needed her “groove” back. I loved every minute of following her journey this past summer. Mary Beth decided to put a spin on Marys100things and challenge those who wanted to accept the challenge to create their own list for 2016. Check out her site if you are interested I can’t wait to get started checking off my list and have the best year of my life.

Bear with me on this whole blogging thing, it is absolutely new to me. I never thought I would have a blog website in a million years. I will be using this blog to keep everyone updated on how Kelsey’s 100 Things is going and to share my journey with you guys. I will be posting a blog for a majority of Kelsey’s 100 Things as a way to document this experience for myself and anyone who decides to keep up with this crazy journey!

Stay tuned for “The List” and my beginning checks!


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